2017 HP Atlantic Zonal Tournament

This week starts a busy time for our club.  First up was the High-Performance USA Atlantic tournament.  The winner gets directly into the Sweet 16 of the California HP Trials.  Our girls in both the U17 and U19 battled hard. Paige and Sammie made it to the semi-finals in U17 and had a great battle going 3.  They finished 4th overall and proved they are an up and coming team. Liz(LSU) and Syd battled through a tough U19 bracket and came up one game short in the semifinals finishing a very good fourth.  Future is bright for both players.  Our adopted player Jordan M had to play with a new partner from her region.  They battled all day and finished with a very good 3rd in U19.  Jordan will be back with Abbie H at the AAU Championship and USAV National Championship.

Abbie H(FIU) and JoJo Smith(South Carolina) playing their first national tournament together went undefeated knocking out multiple HP teams. They both played well and brought home the gold in U19!  Proud of all the girls who participated, get some rest because tomorrow you start playing in the AAU Mid American championship in Carolina!

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