The Next Level Beach Volleyball Club works with junior players to make them as competitive as they want to be.  With our team of top coaches and a great indoor/outdoor training facility, our players are able to work hard and learn the game of beach volleyball.

We teach conditioning, skills, and the mental knowledge a player needs to become a superior beach volleyball player.  We expect our players to work hard to achieve the level of play they would like to achieve, and we work with them every step of the way to see the results they would like to get based on the time and effort they are willing to put in.  Many of our players end up receiving college scholarships as a result of their efforts and our program.

We have a lot of fun along the way playing a great really cool game.  Our club is all about working as a team to become better players and better people.  We have a great sense of team and a bond that develops between our players on and off the court.  We are proud of the players who are involved in our club not just as players, but as hard-working and team-oriented athletes who love the sport of beach volleyball.

Players who wish to join the club as an Elite player will be invited to an individual tryout and/or an active tryout where they will attend practice for approximately a two-week period so the club coaches can best access their skill level.

Anyone can join the club as a Beginner to Intermediate player.  Beginner and Intermediate players will practice twice a week where they will work to learn the game and improve their skills.
Elite players are the club’s premiere players who practice three to four times a week, and who are focused on playing beach volleyball at the highest level.  Most Elite players go on to play via beach volleyball scholarships in college.

Currently, junior beach volleyball players are rated by the U.S.A. Beach Rankings which uses a predetermined points system.  Players receive points based on how they place in a given tournament.  Tournaments points are also based on if the tournament is considered national, zone, or local.  Finally, the number of players who participate in the tournament also has a bearing on the final points a player receives.

Each player’s ranking is then broken down by region, zone, and nationally.  Next Level Beach Volleyball Club consistently has players ranked at the highest levels locally, zone, and nationally.  for more information on junior beach volleyball rankings as well as player ranking goes to


Junior beach volleyball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and tournaments are held all across the U.S.  Next Level Beach Volleyball is the top junior beach volleyball travel team in the country.  Our club has more junior teams in multiple age groups traveling to more sand volleyball tournaments across the country than any other club.  Our club regularly travels to tournaments in Alabama, California, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Virginia, and other states as well.  The goal for our junior teams is to have them in the top tournaments nationally to gain real exposure to beach volleyball and to compete against the best competition in all age groups in order to continually improve their skills.
[spacer] Our club travels together as a team to all tournaments.  This allows our club members to bond and support each other on and off the court.  We believe tournaments should be a chance to compete, but to also have an enjoyable experience.  Family members are welcome to travel to tournaments as a spectator or a chaperone. We teach our players to be champions on and off the court, to work hard, and to respect themselves and others.

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