Next Level Beach Volleyball Club… What It’s All About

Next Level Beach Volleyball Club is quickly becoming a real junior beach volleyball success story!

In 2012 beach volleyball became an official women’s collegiate sport.  As a result of this change, it became  necessary to create facilities and opportunities to develop girls and create a junior sand volleyball programs as a feeders to go onto to play in women’s beach volleyball in college.

Meet the Founder Rob Long

Meet Rob Long the Owner and Founder of Next Level Beach Volleyball Club.  Rob saw the need to provide opportunities for junior female players who wanted to learn, train, and develop their sand volleyball skills to be able to do that. Being a former beach volleyball player himself, he knew he could provide big upside to girls who wanted to learn the sport that he is so passionate about.   “We wanted to use our beach volleyball experience, skills, and knowledge to allow them to reach their goals in the sport”.

As Rob explains, “Next Level Beach Volleyball is focused on helping our players improve technically and competitively.  Our club competes locally, regionally, and in the national arena.  We focus on training the whole athlete.  This means we work on fundamental sand volleyball skills, strength, speed, quickness, and the mental part of the game.”

Our Dedication to Beach Volleyball Training

The clubs program is set up to train in a way that create an all-around strong athlete and a volleyball player.  We do have some girls who play both indoor and sand, but we also have a lot who have decided to train exclusively for sand after having played in door at a high level.  Doing things in the sand is more demanding than it is indoor, so our players are taught how to make that work to their advantage and how to excel in the sand game. Additionally, sand execution is different than indoor volleyball, so we are constantly working with our players to teach them how to take their sand game to the next level.

We want our athletes to move forward to the next level they are looking to achieve.  Many of our players will go on to play sand volleyball in college.  We allow our players to decide what is best for them, and them we work with them to get them to the level of success they are looking to reach.

Beach Volleyball College Scholarship Opportunities

Collegiate women’s beach volleyball is now the fastest growing collegiate sport of all time for female college sports.  In a short period of time there are now over 70 colleges that have a women’s beach volleyball teams, and this number is growing each year.  This has opened up many opportunities for our athletes to go and play on scholarship at the collegiate level, and we are proud of them for all the hard work they put in, and we are happy that we have helped them reach that level of success.  In the end, it is all about the kids.  The program was designed to help them get where they want to be.

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