Boys Summer Beach Program

Indoor Volleyball And Sand Volleyball

Way more similar than different!

Boys Volleyball Players: To develop your game a foundation of technique, court sense, explosion and speed must all be harnessed in a repetitive fashion. When these attributes all come together peak performance can be achieved.

So how do I get there?
By taking advantage of as many opportunities to touch as many balls, in the most challenging of environments, supervised and guided by experienced coaches with a passion for the game.

At Ohio Valley Beach Volleyball Club, this is exactly what we offer:

* What we offer - 12 weeks of sand volleyball skill training, competition and strength and
fitness training.

  • When we offer it - Monday’s and Friday’s from 4 to 6 for ages 12-18
  • Where is the training - We have 5 indoor sand courts and 7 outdoor sand courts located at Grand Sands 10750 Loveland Madeira Road, Loveland, Ohio 45140
  • Who is the director - The Director of the Ohio Valley Beach Volleyball Club is Rob Long, Former collegiate indoor player and Beach Volleyball Professional. Assistant Club Director and Youth Sand Director is John Hughes.
  • What is the cost - The cost is $240 dollars for the whole summer of training.

Hope to see you in the Sand!